Waiting for Whippoorwills to Return

Ferry Bluff in April


On April 10, I ventured to Ferry Bluff State Natural Area to see if the whippoorwills had returned. I reached the top of the bluff at about 7:30 pm and waited until dark for the whippoorwills to start singing. They didn’t, so I assume that they must not be back yet.

That’s okay. The night was beautiful and the bottomlands had just a hint of pink. It’s always an exciting time of year just before the landscape greens. Soon the pasque flowers will bloom, the first flower of the prairie. While I didn’t hear the whippoorwills, I did see 11 pelicans and 5 teal fly just beneath the bluffs. I’ll report my findings on eBird.

I’ll be back next week to see if the whippoorwills have returned. To attend my Whippoorwills and Words event on July 6, you can register here. This is an opportunity to listen to Whippoorwills and read from the works of August Derleth. Hope to see you there!



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